Rent your boat on the Costa Brava and enjoy the best activities in Estartit

In Estartit Rent a Boat you can rent a boat and enjoy many nautical activities in Estartit, including nautical games such as inflatables or Wake-board, skys, etc ...

Activities in Estartit is a section that we have so you can choose an activity with a boat.
We explain a little our activities:
One of the best activities in Estartit would be to rent a boat without a license, in this way you can make an exit with the boat and enjoy the best coves we have on the Costa Brava. Always advised by us.
Also organize some event or bachelor parties, birthdays etc.
We have the widest variety of offers to enjoy a great day on the Costa Brava by renting your boat.

We have both simple and double Donuts, the doubles are the most fun since two people can enjoy the slide along the sea at the same time. This activity in Estartit causes adrenaline to shoot in children or adults who dare to climb on a Donut.

The maximum advisable speed of this activity can never exceed 15 knots.

It is always the responsibility of the occupants of the boat owner.

You can also rent tables for wake-boar or skys. These games are already preferable if you have experience, since if you do not have experience it is very easy to fall and that the other crew of the ship are overwhelmed a little.

We will always advise on the coastal area to practice these activities in Estartit.

Renting one of our options to do an activity on the Costa Brava makes the day by boat much more fun especially if there are children.

Definitely enjoy the rental of your boat doing Wake-board makes the day of navigation hilarious

Double donuts, adrenaline butt ....

Rent your boat or boats in Estartit Rent a boat and organize the best possible farewell in Estartit- Costa Brava.

20 girls bachelorette party
20 girls bachelorette party

These activities in Estartit is the best way to visit the Costa Brava if you do not have a license or nautical qualification. We have the best unlicensed boats on the Costa Brava with a wide variety of models.

Boat without a license: Marinello 16
Boat without a license: Marinello 16