Clean and disinfect with Limoseptol

All our boats are cleaned and disinfected with Limoseptol before each departure.

Cleaning and disinfection

Chez Estartit Rent a Boat, nous nous soucions beaucoup de la question du nettoyage de nos bateaux, c'est pourquoi nous avons le meilleur désinfectant contre les virus et les champignons que vous pouvez acheter. Vous louerez votre bateau avec la sécurité q

At Estartit Rent a Boat we have always been very concerned about the cleaning of our boats, for this reason this year we will reinforce our cleaning products with limoseptol.
Limosiptol is the disinfection product used in hospitals to disinfect operating rooms after operations.
Without a doubt this year we will have the most disinfected boats than ever and we will give our clients all the confidence to enjoy an incredible day lying in the solarium and with all the freedom of movement on the boat in a clean way and avoiding possible infections.

Estartit rent a boat


Estartit rent a boat

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