Medes islands

Islas Medas

Descubre las Islas Medas por ti mismo.
Descubre las Islas Medas por ti mismo.

Medas Islands

If you have not yet discovered the Medas Islands, we propose the visit to the Medas Islands. These magnificent wild islands are located only 1000 meters from the coast of L'Estartit and within the Natural Park of the Montgri a protected space for more than 20 years, they are a real paradise to surf touring the 7 islands that compose them and practice the Scuba diving and an ideal space for hiking and being able to rent a license or unlicensed vessel.

The Medas Islands are composed of a set of 7 islands and several islets with a total area of ​​about 21.5 hectares, the largest is the Great Meda. They were inhabited until 1934, but currently the only construction is the lighthouse of the Great Meda and the only inhabitants, the birds. Previously it had been the most common hideaway of pirates and used by the army as a place of surveillance.

Nowadays the Medas Islands have their main attraction resides in the wealth and diversity of fauna and flora, maritime and terrestrial, they contain. The options to discover it are varied, but we emphasize scuba diving and boat excursions with the glass bottom and especially the rental of boats that is the great opportunity to discover them for yourself in an easy, comfortable and fun way and be able to enjoy of an unforgettable day bathing in its waters.


Submarinism is one of the most important activities and there are several immersion companies. However, the preferred option is to rent a boat ourselves and park on the buoys that are on the entire perimeter of the Medas Islands. Simply with some glasses and a tube of water, we can delight us a good time watching the rich seabed. Colorful fish and multi-ways will delight large and small.

In Estartit Rent a Boat, you can book a boat to spend all day browsing the Medas Islands and its magnificent coast that is located inside the Montgri Natural Park. You can also a half day if you do not have if you prefer. And the novelty of this season of 2022 is the Expiral Exit option that is about the last output of the day 18:45 to 20: 00h and enjoy a little more than an hour sailing and bathing if you wish in the medas islands

Another option is to book a ticket in one of the typical boats with the glass background, especially prepared to see the seabed. In Estartit there are several companies with this type of excursion. This nautilus is the best known and the largest and also other companies with smaller boat that can reach sites that nautilus can not enter.

During the summer, activities related to the Medas Islands are also organized. One of the most representative is by Santa Carmen, the patron saint of fishermen, on July 16. This day the boats come out in maritime procession from the port of L'Estartit to the Medas Islands to celebrate the party. OS that the nautilus can not enter.

Whenever we talk about the Medes Islands, we talk about having a good time where fun and entertainment are guaranteed.