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Crema torrons 2023

Estartit Rent a Boat

This weekend the Crematorrons 2023 is celebrated with bicycle and Running activities.

La Crematorrons has different modes: E-Bike: 36.4 km and 633 meters of elevation gain; BTT Volta Larga: 36.4 mk and 633 meters of difference; BTT Volta Curta: 23 km and 419 meters of elevation gain; Trail Running: 23 km and 9.9 meters of elevation gain; Walk: 7.37 km and 368 meters of elevation gain

Day: Sunday, February 12, 2023
(The date of January 22, 2023 has been postponed due to weather forecasts)
Organized by: Impuls Medes Bike



  • Crematorrons 2023

Estartit rent a boat


Estartit rent a boat

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