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Neda el Mon a L'estartit, tests of 1.7 K, 3.9 K, 5.1 K

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As every year, the Neda el Mon organization organizes three swimming tests in Estartit, with three different modalities.
The main test with 5.1 km, the medium test with 3.9 km, and the shortest test with 1.7 km.

Neda el mon 2023

The Neda el Mundo Illes Medes for the TV3 by ZOGGS Marathon is a unique and exceptional journey.

And it is for two reasons: because it is the only solidarity journey, where 100% of the benefits of the journey go to the TV3 Marathon, and because it takes place in an unbeatable natural environment, the Medes Islands Natural Park.

Like every year, Estartit Rent A Boat has been collaborating with one of the most popular swimming events.

This test consists of three types of modalities: 7 km, 3.9 km and the toughest test of 5.1 km.

All the tests are done on a tour of the Medes Islands, in the Montgri Illes Medes and Baix Ter Natural Park.

This year in a state of the sea it has accompanied one of the best editions that are remembered and placing l'Estartit on the swimming map.

Nada el Mundo turns this journey into a great event: distances to choose according to swimming level, children's journey, face-to-face briefing, exhibition of the best brands, music, DJ, attractions for the little ones and meet&greets with the best swimmers.

Neda el Mon 2023

Neda el Mon 2023

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