Rent a boat in Costa Brava-Check the availability of all the boats in a comfortable way

Renting a boat on the Costa Brava will be very easy on this page, you can check the availability of all boats in real time and rent in an easy and comfortable way.
Rent your boat without a license or with a license and discover the Costa Brava

Renting a boat on the Costa Brava is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying leisure activities that you can do on your outing with friends, partner, family, etc...

We have a very wide variety of boats for rent and adapted to all types of clients, from boats without a license to boats with a license.

At all times we will advise you and explain the best navigation options according to the day we meet. You can also navigate the famous Medes Islands and moor yourself in one of its many buoys and snorkel or simply take a bath.

Why rent a boat in Estartit?

One of the most important reasons is because we have the calmest sea on the entire Costa Brava, you will always have a good shelter in case the wind changes.

Through our coves and the Medes Islands you will always have your shelter from the wind to enjoy your best day.

Our Unlicensed boats are the largest on the entire Costa Brava with a maximum capacity of 6 people (advisable 4-5 maximum).

The basic navigation license boats are also really spacious with their capacity of up to 8 people.

Do not hesitate, rent your boat in Girona on the Costa Brava in Estartit...