What boat to rent?

Our rental boats on the Costa Brava ....

Marinello 16 without license

Probably the best boat without a license that you can rent, with its 5 meters long and 2.3 meters wide it is very wide and stable. She has a large solarium a good awning and radio with usb and bluetooth.

With the maximum motorization of boats without a license, which is 15hp, you have enough power to have a great time and enjoy sailing.

She has a capacity for 6 people but the advisable thing would be 4 maximum 5.

Rental boat in Costa Brava

Grand Boat 470 without license

The Grand Boat 470 is a very fast and safe semi-rigid boat to enjoy the Medes Islands and the best coves of the Costa Brava.

Its maximum capacity is for 7 people but not advisable, only in the event that there are at least 4 children, otherwise we limit it to 6 adults.

Boat rental in costa Brava

Invictus Fx 200 Basic License ....

We present the most exclusive boat with a basic navigation license, with more than 6 mtr (5.99 in papers) it is an exclusive boat for those sailors who do not settle for just any boat.

It has a 130 hp Yamaha engine, shower, bluetooth radio, a large awning and a very good solarium.

With a maximum capacity of 8 people (recommended 6 people maximum).

Perfect for sailing with your partner or friends, family to enjoy the best maritime leisure activity.

Rent this exclusive boat on the Costa Brava- Estartit.


Sessa Key Largo 20….

What to say about Sessa Key 20 !!

We have 3 models like this since it is our favorite, being a basic navigation license makes it the preferred one.

Large, with capacity for 8 people (6 recommended) and with a large cabin to store all your belongings.

Ride a latest generation 130hp Yamaha.

This boat is magnificent to navigate the Costa Brava and get lost in its coves.

Rent your boat and discover the Medes Islands and all its coves.

Rent a boat on the Costa Brava.

Sessa Key Largo Venty ....

Our most rented boat of 6 m in length. The Sessa Key Largo 20 is the largest boat with a basic navigation license, with a large cabin equipped with a shower, solarium, and a very good 130 hp engine, it is perfect to enjoy all our coves on the Costa Brava.

She has a capacity of 8 people (6 people recommended).

Do not hesitate to rent this magnificent boat on the Costa Brava - Estartit located in the heart of the Costa Brava.

Boats for rent on the Costa Brava.

Pacific Craft 750 open….

Our boat with the largest capacity, this boat is approved for 12 people, advisable 8/10 people.

Very spacious, it is equipped with a table in the bow and stern, shower, hydraulic steering, radio, etc ...

If what you need is space this is your boat.

It is unique in the Costa Brava, you will not find another boat below 8 mtr with capacity for 12 people.

Boats for rent in Costa Brava.

Sessa Key Largo 26… ..

What to say about Sessa Key Largo 26 !!

A boat with a capacity for 8 people with a cabin and very well equipped.

It mounts a 350 hp v8 engine that makes this magnificent boat sail like few others, it also mounts flaps to aid in navigation.

In our opinion the best boat below 8 mtr that you can find for rent on the Costa Brava.

If what you want is for others to observe you, this is your boat, with her imposing V8 engine you will not go unnoticed.

Boat rental Costa Brava.

Estartit rent a boat


Estartit rent a boat

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