Activities in Girona, What can we do?

Book your favorite activity in Estartit, 35km from Girona, rent your boat or your favorite E-Bike.

Activities in Girona, what to do in Girona?

Activities in Girona, What can we do?

Girona is the most beautiful provincial capital in Catalonia and probably in Spain thanks to being a great small city.

It is the world capital of cycling due to its roads and its ideal climate to enjoy cycling. It also has the best coast in Spain and we are talking about the Costa Brava.

If you are on vacation in Girona or simply live in the province of Girona and want to have a really good time, look for one of our activities that you will surely like.

Our office is in Estartit, a strategic location due to its sea and mountain location and thanks to this we can offer you two of the best and most fun activities that you can enjoy.

We have the best boats so you can discover the Costa Brava.

You can also take the Captain option and relax and leave the responsibility to one of our Captains.

You can sail through the famous Medes Islands and swim in their crystal-clear waters, you can also visit the numerous coves that we have, including Cala Pedrosa, Cala Ferriola, Cala Montgo and pass by the Foradada rock.

Sailing through the Montgri Natural Park of the Medes Islands is a luxury.

We have boats with or without a license, don't worry if you have no idea how to sail, we will advise you on everything and you will see how easy and fun it is.

If you are looking for a fun and different activity in Girona, rent a boat at Estartit Rent a Boat.

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Electric bicycles in Girona

If what you prefer is an activity on dry land, we have electric bicycles called E-Bikes, you can take a route through the Montgri natural park and its 8 municipalities and make stops in its towns and enjoy a good meal in one of its many restaurants.

Without a doubt, Girona falls in love.

Don't let them tell you.... Tell it!!!!!

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Estartit rent a boat

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